The best way to change a nation is to give
Education to a child.

Through sponsors like you, over 285 children are receiving life-changing education, discipleship and food.

What Our Sponsorships Provide

Education for an At-Risk Child

Full Tuition at our Christian Schools

Two Hot Meals a Day

Monthly Discipleship

School Uniforms, P.E. Clothes & Shoes

Textbooks & Readers

Year-End Exam Fees

School Supplies

 Become a Sponsor Today

Your sponsorship of $45/month will provide your child with the opportunity of a lifetime. They will receive everything they needs for school. Throughout the year, get to know your child through letters and pictures.

You can also choose to "share" a classroom for $20/month. Instead of sponsoring one specific child, you will be taking care of a whole class. Your sponsorship will be paired with others who also want to help this classroom.  Together, you will provide everything the kids need to go to school


Sponsor Fourth Grade!

Days Waiting: 377

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Sponsor Third Grade!

Days Waiting: 373

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Help us feed the hungry and educate world-changers

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